Amidst the tension and crises happening around the globe, many of us are finding it challenging to work out. We have a habit of going to our respective gyms or outdoor places such as parks, but we still need to understand that it is important for us to have an exercising routine that will help to keep our body active and stay fit during this quarantine.

Since we have limited access to outdoor places and gyms, we can still workout at our homes that too without any trainers with the help of some free workout apps available on the play store. Other than just exercising or doing weight training, these apps can also help us to keep track of our daily calorie intake, water consumption or blood pressure.

These are some of the apps that I have personally tried and tested for working out at home-

Female fitness

apps to help you workout from home

It has been the most convenient and user-friendly app, especially for women as it is specially designed and curated for female fitness and weight loss. This app not only contains basic training routines but also have advanced exercises for professional workout plans designed by the experts.

It also comprises various 3D video tutorials with animated illustrations which won’t make you feel that you are working out at home alone! Also, there is no need for any type of equipment, you can easily workout anywhere at any time. It is one of the best apps to help you workout from home

Some more features female fitness app:

  • Has quick and effective workouts for maximum fat burning.
  • Tutorials on belly fat burning.
  • It contains exercises for beginners also.
  • Track weight loss programs and calculates BMI.
  • Targets all the important parts of the body such as buttocks, belly fat, legs, arms fat, abs, and so on.

Adidas Training by Runtastic

apps to help you workout from home

Ready for some kickass workouts without stepping out of your home? Runtastic is the answer! The new updated running strong training plan is ready to help you reach a new personal best. Also, this app is now offering premium subscriptions for free, which can be a good reason to start working out.

It includes workouts customized to help you focus on your flexibility, core strength, legs as well as recovery of the muscles and helps you create a bodyweight workout with an online trainer with the time limit of your choice, say 20 minutes or 45 minutes which may depend upon your stamina.

You can also follow along with your muscles workout from your wrist on your Wear OS device, to do that make sure you have the mobile app installed.

Nike Training Club

apps to help you workout from home

The Nike Training Club contains over 185 free and personalized workout plans such as yoga, strength training, cardio, muscle building, and boxing that you can do anywhere, anytime with options from beginners to advanced and a duration of 15-90 minutes. It also gives you an option of the workout intensity such as high medium or low.

This app also contains a “Picks for you” section which is based specifically on your routine and the more you use the app, the more personal your recommendations would become.

You can lose inches or develop full-body power, if you stay committed to a tailored program you’ll definitely get good results. Workouts on the Nike training club are inspired by top Nike athletes and are designed by NTC master trainers. It makes the app one of the best workout apps during quarantine.

7 Minute Workouts

workout from home apps

The most interesting thing about this app is that it is equipped with more than 25 workouts for every fitness level and contains more than 200 exercises of 7 minutes each to select from and create your own workout routines.

Training alone won’t help you lose weight so along with that, this app has custom nutrition and diet plans that are built in it which will transform your body in less than 3 weeks of use. 7 minute workout already includes more than 200 workout tutorials but still, the app adds new exercises every week and those high-quality videos and animations will make your workout routine more interesting.

Feature list:

  • It records all the workouts and plans history.
  • A personal trainer is also available with reminders which will notify you when to exercise.
  • Keeps a track of your calories, exercises, nutrition plan, and meals throughout that day.
  • It filters exercises based on a muscle group or hardness.
  • Train with apple watch and apple tv.

Aerobics Workout at Home

apps to help you workout from home

It proves to be the best cardio and dance workout app to burn fat by just working out at home in 30 days. Fat burning exercise or cardio exercise or working out in a form of dance is known as aerobics and is known for the overall fitness of the whole body. It focuses on the important areas like waist, legs, back, arms for burning fat and calories, and it is not made only for women but men also.

If you don’t like running on a treadmill then aerobics dance is the answer! It is a fun activity which individual of every age can do according to his/her stamina to stay fit and slim without stepping out of the home in this difficult time. It’s a very popular activity with music in most of the countries.

This app includes:

  • Aerobic dance for both men and women.
  • Exercises which a person of any age can do.
  • Aerobic walking, Zumba dance, exercise for the upper body.
  • Various cardio tutorials.

Yoga for Weight Loss

apps to help you workout from home

Yoga is an easy way of losing weight, improving the posture and helps to burn fat if practiced on a regular basis with proper guidance. This app contains various yoga poses for beginners as well as amateurs to burn fat from different body parts and gain abs at home.

If you are looking for yoga asanas to reduce your belly fat there are 20 asanas which can be done in 20 minutes and will give you a flat tummy but you have to properly follow the gymnastic yoga challenge to burn that extra belly fat within a short period of time.

Just like the other workouts such as weight training or aerobics, there are many yoga asanas in this app that focus on burning fat from the different body parts and also maintains the flexibility and strength of the entire body. Also, yoga involves the use of zero equipments just make sure you have a proper and comfortable mat to perform the asanas! This is one of the best apps to apps to help you workout from home.

8fit Workouts & Meal Planner

apps to help you workout from home

8fit is a fitness and nutrition-focused app, which allows you to enter an objective and measure your current fitness level and provides you a customized plan to get in shape.

It contains exercises which require some types of equipment as well as exercises which do not require equipment, you use your own bodyweight to build muscle strength, increases your endurance and improves cardiovascular fitness so you can easily workout at home.

The high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is one of the user’s favorite because it is fast and more effective. Most apps give you a “one size fits all” plan but 8fit is a personalized step by step guide accommodating everyone from beginners to advanced fitness enthusiasts.


Workout from home apps

If you love kettlebell exercises, this is one of the best workout apps for you. It’s a video coaching app which gives the users full workout sessions with a kettlebell and the most exciting thing about this is if you love kettlebell workouts, there is no need to step outside as you can do all these at home as well! It increases muscle strength, balance, and cardio conditions as well.

Features of kettlebell include:

  • Has more than 4 kettlebell exercises.
  • It works offline as well, so no issue if you are facing internet problems.
  • Has a voice trainer and HD video tutorials.


apps to help you workout from home

Unlike most apps, Zwift requires some hardware/equipment like a treadmill or an exercise bike and a Zwift run pod that attaches to your shoe. It requires you to pair a zwift-supported device with the app and you can start training so it makes you feel you are working out in a real-world scenario.

Reasons to workout with Zwift:

  • You can take part in group activities like running, races or cycling.
  • There are over 1000 structured workouts and training activities.
  • Transform your living room into a training playground where you can train through the desserts, beaches or underwater.

Kickboxing Fitness Trainer

apps to help you workout from home

kickboxing is a martial art, it is a combination of aerobics, boxing, and martial art and it is done to quickly lose weight. It is said that it burns over 1000 calories per hour, helping people learn boxing reduces belly fat effectively in the abdomen, arms, thighs, and so on.

This workout app includes more than 60 kickboxing exercises and MMA from easy to hard levels since kickboxing consumes a lot of calories, it includes a diet plan to lose weight in the fastest way and gain some good amount of muscles.

The app includes:

  • Detailed 3D video tutorials.
  • It records training progress automatically.
  • Has beginners and advanced plans.
  • Includes a personal trainer.
  • Nutrition for muscle gain.


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