Sitting idle at home can become boring at some point in time but it isn’t such a bad thing. Free time can always be utilized by doing or learning things that you wouldn’t have done if there was no lockdown. Also, it’s never too late to start. Hence, here are 10 different and unique ideas/skills to learn for cheap and make the best use of this time.

Web Development

Learn important skills

This could be a great time to start learning web development. It is important to have a website of your own because it is cheaper to develop a website than creating a naive application.

You don’t need to have any prior skills or knowledge before starting with this course. Udemy is a really good platform through which you can learn HTML, CSS, Javascript and more. This is one of the most important skills you can learn this quarantine.

It comprises of various courses to help you speed up on modern front-end, back-end, and full-stack web development practices and skills. The web development courses on Udemy are very cheap and ranges between Rs 400-500 per course so you can easily start without spending too much if you are a beginner.

Master Photoshop

Learn important skills

Photoshop is important if you want to work in graphics or web designing. It lets you create website layouts, attractive graphic designs, business cards and many more things.

You can learn photoshop on your own for almost free from Adobe, Tuts+, Digital tutorials or Udemy. Use these resources to begin using interesting features such as masking, color correction, cropping and working with layers.

Learn A New Language

Learn important skills

Learning a new language is not as difficult as it may look like and since we all are quarantining so you should definitely start with a new one. A new foreign language can provide a number of amazing benefits in your life. It can always help if you are travelling to a new place or if you want to add a new communicating skill to your resume.

There are many platforms nowadays through which you can learn foreign languages for free. You can start with video tutorials from youtube or you can also download language apps from the play store. One such app is Duolingo, it has more than 20 languages to chose from and it’s a good way to start learning a language. It is one of the cheapest skills you can learn during quarantine

Build Up Your Cooking Skills

Learn important skills

Cooking is a vital part of our lives and every person must know how to cook so take advantage of this time while you are stuck at home and start working upon your cooking skill. You can also learn from scratch if you don’t know how to cook at all.

Youtube is a great platform to start with so much content on it. Also, there are online cooking classes as well such as Top chef university, Food techniques, CakeFlix and many more. Apart from youtube, all other online classes are not free and may cost you a few bucks, but don’t worry they won’t cost you a hefty amount.

Start Investing In Stock Market

Learn important skills

Investing in the stock market has been always a good way to use your savings which you have been doing for years and make money over the long term. Stock marketing is beneficial for you like if you invest $10,000 in the market today and it gains roughly 7% per year, you’ll turn that $10,000 to $20,000 in just 10 years.

Also, it is important as money sitting in cash will lose its value at some point in time because of the concept of inflation. You can learn about how to invest in the stock market from various tutorials and articles from the internet, there are many free or paid platforms such as IQ Option, The Balance and Investopedia.

These platforms guides you to choose the broker, avoid expenses that can destroy your stock trading profits and teaches you how to trade stock on margin with borrowed money. This is an important skill to learn during the quarantine.

Complete Video Production

Learn important skills

If you have passion and interests in movies, video editing, VFX or any other related topic you should definitely go for a video production course. It is not necessary to work in a media production company and earn money from there as you can learn video production by just sitting at home and earn a good amount of money.

Youtube has always been the best and a free platform to learn something, but if you are looking for something apart from the tutorials and lessons there are software such as Adobe Premiere or Final cut pro X and if you are just a beginner iMovie or Windows movie maker is a great option.

Learn Self Defense

Learn important skills

Self Defense is a really important skill that everyone should learn especially women. As being alone at times is inevitable, Self defence is an activity which has the ability to protect ourselves in difficult situations. It increases self-confidence and will help you enhance your awareness of your surroundings.

Learning self-defence at home is not a challenging task as there are many tutorials and lessons available on the internet. You can also visit Lifehacker, it shows different attacking techniques for the different body parts.

Smartphone Photography

Learn important skills

If you like mobile photography and want to become an expert, you don’t need to have an expensive smartphone because it is the skill and guidance that matters and not the device. Udemy offers a variety of online mobile photography courses starting from Rs.700.

However, you can choose the course that fits your budget and difficulty level. The course offers videos and articles on different photography techniques and a certificate of completion when you successfully complete the course. It is the most fun skill you can learn during quarantine.

Yoga and Meditation For Creative Thinking

Learn important skills during quarantine

Yoga and meditation can improve your social and mental wellbeing as it creates mental clarity and calmness, increases body awareness and relaxes the mind. It will also help you to lose weight and get healthier in the quarantine.

There are many apps available on the play store where you can learn yoga and meditation for free such as Yoga for weight loss and Meditation Plus. You can also look for some free video tutorials from youtube or paid but cheap online courses from the websites such as Udemy.

Teach Yourself A Coding Language

Learn important skills

Coding is important to learn because it teaches people to experiment and gives them the confidence to be creative. If you know programming languages your career can have great earning potential, also the demand for people who like to code remains strong.

You can easily learn to code at home for free from websites such as GeeksforGeeks, Tutorials Point, and W3Schools. All these platforms include languages such as C, C++, C#, Java, Python, and many more for people who are beginners or at intermediate levels.


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