The world is full of opportunities it only depends on you whether you are able to grab them or not. If I will give you an example there are around 20 million registered companies on LinkedIn and a study has found that 112 million people received an Interview through LinkedIn because they were having a Professional LinkedIn Profile. There are 14 million jobs open on LinkedIn and most of these job opening remains open because the companies are not able to find the right candidate. Regreting on what you have missed? You are not the only one, most people take LinkedIn too lightly.

LinkedIn can be your tool to get jobs, internships, employees and even freelance projects. LinkedIn has over 575+ million users and 260 million of them update their profile regularly. A well-maintained profile on LinkedIn can help you get a great job and you’ll never have to ask someone again to get you hired somewhere (not even your college). I have a list for you which can you to create a Professional LinkedIn profile.

How To Make a Professional LinkedIn Profile

Firstly signup on LinkedIn and register yourself if you are not already registered. After doing that follow the following steps.

  1. Fill the Basics

Fill the basic information about yourself such as your email address, location, and phone number.  Filling this information makes it really easy for employers to reach you. Remember you have to create ways so that the employers can reach you.

  1. Create a Custom URL

Creating a Custom URL really helps to make your profile more reachable. To change URL follow this link On the right side, you will see the heading saying “Edit your custom URL”, change your profile URL from here.

how to make a professional linkedin profile- tecuila, amar dixit
Look on the right side of the snapshot on the heading which says “Edit your custom URL”

In my case, I have simply used my name without leaving any space. You can also write your name just like I did if it is available. If the URL is already is taken then use “_” (underscore) between your first and last name, even if this URL is also taken then try to keep the URL as close to your name as you can. For Example- amar__dixit or amardixit14 URL like these will work too. The point is that the employers should be able to read your name using your profile link. It also helps in ranking your profile.

  1. Have A Professional Profile Picture

Here’s a report for you. Reports like this one show that a professional photo gets 14 times more views than those with a ho-hum pic. Upload a Professional Picture in size not less than 200×200 pixels. Remember a good picture can increase your chances to get hired.

  1. Create a Creative Headline

After your Name & Profile Picture this is the first thing that the employer will see, so better keep it creative and attractive. The headline can also be used to describe yourself and not only for displaying your current position, especially in case if you are not having any job.

  1. Use The Summary Space Well

Use the summary space to describe in detail Who you are?, What you have done?, What you believe in?. Don’t be afraid to show your personality. Drop some keywords that can help the employers in finding you. Talk about your experience, give some personal detail about yourself, talk about your goals. Make sure your summary is not less than 40 words.

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  1. Skills Do Matter

how to get jobs from linkedin- skills, tecuila, amar dixit

On LinkedIn, you can add up 50 skills but you should not list less than 5 skills. Profiles that have 5 skills or more than that are contacted 33 times more often than the profiles having less than 5 skills. So, add your technical skills, interpersonal skills, the technologies you have worked with, etc in the skills section.

  1. Add Accomplishments

You can add Publication, Project, Certificates, Patent, Course, Award and other accomplishments on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a great platform to showcase your accomplishments. Accomplishments make profiles more attractive and help to market yourself as a high performer.

  1. Create Your Own Network

This is often considered as the most important task on LinkedIn. It is your network that will help you to get a good job or a project. Connect with the right people depending on your field and try to make a strong network having not less than 500 connections.

  1.  Post Important Stuff

Update useful posts on LinkedIn it can be an Inspiring thought, Helpful Articles, Useful Links or  Some Great Images. Don’t spam LinkedIn and please do not post unnecessary posts that will only decrease your rank. Your posts will decide your future connections so better keep your profile informational

  1. Update Your Profile Regularly

This is the best thing you can do to make a great LinkedIn profile i.e. to update every important event related to your profession on LinkedIn whether it be a job change or a promotion. Update newly learned skills, recently completed projects, courses you have done, etc.  You can also Update your personal life events on LinkedIn but remember this is not facebook, don’t update personal events too often.

  1. Treat your Profile Like Your Resume

how to get jobs from linkedin- tecuilaco, amar dixit

Your LinkedIn profile should look like your resume. Don’t forget to bullet your experience points, your achievements, projects you have worked on and other important stuff in your summary and accomplishment section. Your LinkedIn Profile can be your live resume and just like a resume you have to maintain it.


After doing all these steps you are ready with a Professional LinkedIn Profile to create a job post. Have a look at this article to have an idea on How to Create a Good Job Post.

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I am here to help! Ask me if you have any doubts about this topic. Drop the link of your LinkedIn profile in the comment section and I will rate your profile out of 10.



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