Social reading is basically a type of book club where people who like to read, connect and interact with each other on various online platforms.

It gives the readers a great platform to express their views and opinions, share their experiences, draw conclusions, and ask questions to each other.

There are several social reading apps that include various reading clubs where people can join, read hundreds of e-books, and express their opinions and have conversations.

Best Social Reading Apps

Mojoreads- The social reading platform

Social reading apps

It is one of the most convenient and user friendly app for people who love to read. Mojoreads contains over 12 million books in both physical edition and e-books.

Another feature is every time someone purchases a book because of the review you wrote or your recommendation, you will receive credits, and using those credits you can buy e-books of your choice from Mojoreads book shop.

You can leave public or private comments, share discussions, connect with readers and authors, filter languages, price and availability, and many more.

Features of Mojoreads:

  1. You can choose a username and a profile photo and attach a link to your website or social media.
  2. It contains a public list in which you can add your books.
  3. The Mojoreads cloud keeps bookmarks, private notes, and public comments, and synchronization is also available in offline mode.
  4. Adjustable fonts and font sizes.
  5. Has both day and night modes for early birds and night owls. Contains reading progress bar, navigate chapter overview, and bookmarks help you to quickly refine passages.
  6. Privacy is very important that’s why Mojoreads never share any personal information or data with third parties.

Glose – Social ebook Reader

best Social reading apps

Glose will take your reading to the next level as it makes the reading awesome with so many features that will keep you engaged and motivated. You can pick any book from a catalogue of 1 million and start reading, connect with other, share notes and become a better reader.

A free reader profile can also be created in which you can organize your collection and create lists. The Glose bookstore has ebooks in all categories such as best sellers, fiction, non-fiction, education etc.

Join the communities and see what people are reading, recommending, highlighting, and annotating.

You can also start an online book club by creating a group, name it, add an image and invite people. Reading settings can be customized by trying a different variety of fonts, spacing, background color and page structures.

Bookclubz: Book Club Organizer

Social reading

Bookclubz lets you create book clubs so that people can interact with each other. In this app you can select and read any book that you want, schedule meetings, and share recommendations.

Features of Bookclubz:

  1. You can create a book club page.
  2. Make a list of your readings.
  3. Send a unique invitation link to the members.
  4. Books can be saved, rated, and recommended.
  5. profile changes can be done.


Social reading

Bookship is a social reading app where you can share your reading experiences with your friends and family, chat, share thoughts, and observations with your book club. Also, you can post pictures of your favorite passages.

Key features:

  1. It contains calendars through which you can schedule group meetings and invite your friends.
  2. Has book recommendations from leading best sellers and book reviewers.
  3. You can read classic work for free inside the app.
  4. Use a virtual highlighter to highlight your favorite passages in the book and share it with your friends.


Social reading

Goodreads is the most sophisticated app as it is the world’s largest site for readers and book reviewers. It has more than 75 million members and 2.2 billion books in its shelf.

Also, it is a free service app. You can search, rate and review the books in their catalog. Book covers can be scanned to instantly read reviews and save it in your shelf.

Features of Goodreads:

  1. Buy or borrow books with convenient links.
  2. Books can be discussed through messages and groups.
  3. Add status updates for books you are reading currently.
  4. You can also see what your friends are reading.

Byzans – The book chat app

Social reading

Byzans can be described as a combination of a social reading app and Whatsapp. Here you can discuss with people reading the same book as you, at the same time as Byzans connects you with other people so that you can fully enjoy your reading experience.

In Byzans you can:

  1. Have a chatroom similar to a Whatsapp group where you can express your feelings and have conversations
  2. You can post about the passages you liked, characters from the books, or your favorite chapters.
  3. Discuss with the people who want to read the same book as you.


Social reading

BookSloth gives you a great reading experience and connects you with readers everywhere so you can share your feelings and opinions about the books you love easily.


  1. Discover a variety of new books ranging in different genres.
  2. keep track of the books you have read.
  3. You can follow your friends and family.
  4. Read, review, recommend and rate the books.
  5. Connect with book clubs and start discussing the books you loved.


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