Samsung is all ready to hit the market with its new premium flagship S-series smartphones. The official launch event is set to take place
in San Francisco on February 20th. Whereas the rollout of Samsung Galaxy S10 series in the market is expected to start from 8th of March. Samsung Galaxy S10’s rumours have already flooded the internet and here is a roundup of everything you need to know about the upcoming major smartphone of 2019.

The Base Model Will Not Have The “Edge”

The articles mentioning Samsung Galaxy S10 edge specification can be found very easily but if we rely on current sources there’s no Samsung Galaxy S10 edge going to be launched. Yes, Samsung has decided to remove Samsung Galaxy S10 Edge’s edge. Previously rumors were that the Galaxy S10 will be a foldable phone which it is not. The leaked images of the phone are clear proof of that.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

The top variant of Samsung’s 2019 flagship – Galaxy S10 Plus is said to have 1 TB of storage with 12 gigs of RAM and will have a price similar to iPhone XS Max.

Topmost model is said to be having dual front-facing cameras embedded in the screen itself. Have a look at the above image.  

The other variants will also have a single camera embedded in the screen. The screen of Galaxy S10 is said to be flat making it different from previous S-series premium smartphones. It is indeed sad news for the curved screen lovers.

Samsung Is Rumored To Launch Three Flagship S-Series Smartphones Namely-

samsung galaxy s10 edge specification
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite (Galaxy S10e)
  • Galaxy S10
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

As the name suggests the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite will be the cheapest of them all. It will have less power and features as compared to other variants. The Galaxy S10 Plus will be the most expensive smartphone Samsung has ever released with a massive 1 TB of storage.

The Galaxy S10’s advertising suggest using the words ”Because you deserve more” this upgrade is not going to be a normal upgrade. This upgrade is going to change the game in the premium smartphone market. Giving you and me a reason to wait eagerly for the launch event.

Sources also suggest the phones will sport a cryptocurrency wallet. If this happens to be true, the phone will surely blast the market (in terms of sales and innovation and not like the Note 7).Especially attracting tech nerds.

Leaks prove that the phones will have a reverse wireless charging mechanism too!

Samsung Buds Incoming

Samsung Galaxy S10

The recently leaked image of the phone is showing is Samsung buds sitting on the phone. Look the image below. Indicating Samsung is also preparing to launch wireless charging enabled Samsung buds too. The buds are rumored to be of $149. Giving competition to Apple Airpods.

Other Samsung Galaxy S10 Specifications –

Snapdragon’s Latest Offerings

The newest chipset of Qualcomm Snapdragon is going to power the S10 series. All new Snapdragon 855 is ready to give Samsung Galaxy S10’s specification a new hike.

Three Main Cameras

The backside will be equipped with three cameras a wide angle camera a monochrome camera and a normal one. Accompanied by a dual tone led flash

In-Display Fingerprint Scanner

The Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus are supposed to be using the in display fingerprint technology, whereas, the Galaxy S10e (i.e. the lite version of the S10) will have a fingerprint sensor embedded in the power button

5G connectivity

The new Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus model will come with 5G connectivity. Making it future proof.

Although the Samsung Galaxy S10 is the most awaited phone of 2019, the thing that matters is will Samsung be able to change the trend? Will the new Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus be able to conquer the market in terms of sales? Will the smartphone be able to meet the consumer’s expectations? Well, the wait is not long. We will get answers of all these questions on 20th of this month.


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