Technically speaking, hacking Gmail and Facebook account is not possible unless your are a member of Anonymous type of hacking group. Hacking Gmail and Facebook directly is not possible because these companies conduct several bug bounty programs and they have employed some great mind managing their security. So for a newbie, hacking someone’s social media can be quite difficult.

Although there are alternate ways through which you can hack someone by trapping and tracing him to access his account. This information provided can be used for both hacking and protecting your account.

Hacking Gmail and Facebook Accounts

Lets Start Our List Of Ways Of Hacking Gmail And Facebook Accounts

  • Password Guessing

It is a common process in which a person tries to access your account by guessing your password. They often try to enter your account by entering Date of Birth, names, the name of pets etc. Therefore it is strictly advised not to use that information that is publicly available. And always use an uncommon password.

Bruteforcing is a technique in which a person uses software to get your password cracked. But Hacking Gmail and Facebook Accounts using Bruteforce is a long process.

As the software tries every possible password to access your account and time depends upon how hard your password is, that is why it is always advised to use a combination of symbols, numbers and alphabets in passwords.

Although this process can get your IP blocked because Google and Facebook don’t allow Bruteforcing and also there is a limit on how many times you can enter a password so this method is not very effective.

Phishing is the technique in which the attacker bait the target and hope that the target gets into it. Normally a link or attachment is sent to the target and when he clicks the bait he gets directed to a fake website page that looks same as that of popular websites.

And when the user tries to access that website by entering his password. His login details are transferred to the hacker. That is why it is advised not to click any unknown sent by mail or any other platform.

Social engineering is the process of hacking the actual person and not his account. The Attacker tries to gather information about your account by talking to you and tries to trap you and get required information for Hacking Gmail and Facebook accounts.

Keyloggers are generally used to get your login details. What keyloggers do is it captures every keystroke and sends it to the attacker beside this modern keyloggers are even able to take a screenshot and can collect your browsing history etc.

It is also very difficult to know that you have a keylogger installed on your system or not. Some popular keyloggers are Ecodsoft and Ardamax etc.

Other Methods of Hacking Gmail and Facebook Accounts

  • Packet Sniffers
  • Viewing Saved Passwords
  • Screen Recorders, etc are other methods for Hacking Gmail and Facebook accounts.

The Conclusion

Although these methods also can’t be considered as a clear shot of Hacking Gmail and Facebook Accounts. Nowadays people get notified the next second when someone tries to break in their account and then they can take counter measures.

Also there are new features like two step verification which has made it a lot harder to break into someone’s account. So looking at the ways the technology is improving it has become next to impossible to find a bug or security break in websites to access a account. but you can hack people instead of machines which is known as Social Engineering. Try your Luck Happy Hacking.


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