Realme recently launched Realme 3 Pro the successor of Realme 3. Like the previous smartphones, Realme hasn’t failed to impress us by bringing Impressive specifications at such low prices. Everyone will tell you what’s good about the phone but we’ll tell you why you should not buy the Realme 3 Pro. Apart from the below-mentioned points, everything else is good about the Realme 3 Pro if these points don’t bother you then Realme 3 Pro is the phone you should go for.

Before reading the problems of Realme 3 Pro lets have a look at the specifications.

Realme 3 Specifications:

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 710
Ram: 4GB/6GB
Internal Storage: 64GB/128GB
Screen Protection: Gorilla Glass 5 (front only)
Camera: 16-megapixel (f/1.7) + 5-megapixel (f/2.4), 25 mp front camera.
Fast Charging: VOOC
Battery: 4045mAh

Here’s why

You Should Not Buy the Realme 3 pro

Heating Issues

Yes, this is true. The all-new Realme 3 Pro has heating Issues. The phone gets heated when you use the camera in bright sunlight, the phone also gets heated during heavy gaming. For Photoholics and Gaming Lovers, this is something that can become their reason to not buy the Realme 3 Pro.

What will be the use of a smartphone having good hardware, if you are not even able to do heavy usage?

Still Uses Micro USB Port

The phone manufacturers have decided to keep the old Micro USB port on the phone instead of going for Type C. Well, this is disappointing because when we see all the other competitions having the Type C Charging port. When every smartphone manufacturer is shifting to Type C to bring a single cable for transferring data it’s bad to see Realme not joining them.

Type C port performs better in terms of file transferring speed and also helps in increasing the charging speed.


Foreseeable: Galaxy Fold Launch Delayed Indefinitely

Scratchy Plastic Body

realme 3 pro plastic back, tecuilaco, tecuila

The Pricepoint at which the phone is launching, Plastic Body is something that the manufacturers must have avoided. Even the phones starting from Rs. 5,999 are having a unibody metal design these days. And manufacturers should have thought about launching a smartphone starting from Rs. 13,999 having a plastic body.

This is a serious flaw of the Realme 3 Pro as people are loving the design on the back of the phone but the glamorous design which you see on the back of the phone will start having scratches after a few days of usage and this is the reasons this phone is not recommendable at all if you thinking of using it for a long time.

No Led Notification Light

no led light realme pro, tecuilaco, tecuila, amardixit

Like the previous phones, Realme hasn’t bothered to give a Led Light in the all-new Realme 3 Pro. Many users include me like having a Led Light as it helps to check whether you have an unread notification or your phone is charging or not. Notification LED Light really gives a kind of convenience.

Not including a Led Light cannot be considered as a serious flaw but definitely can become a problem for the Realme 3 pro users.

Poor After Sales Service

No matter how good smartphone a company manufactures, if they fail to deliver after sales services then it can be a problem for the smartphone users to get a repair in case of damage. And if the consumers will suffer the company also have to suffer in terms of decreasing sales. After sales services are really important and create reliability about the brand.

If we will have a look at the biggest competition of Realme 3 Pro i.e. Redmi Note 7 Pro, Xiaomi’s after sales services are much better than the Realme 3 Pro and this point can be your reason to not buy the Realme 3 Pro.


Well, the flaws of Realme 3 Pro are limited and there are many good things about the smartphone too. We tried to list all the flaws and problems of the Realme 3 Pro.

Let us know if you know a flaw that we don’t. If you want to have a look at the bright side of the phone then check this article from Pricebaba.

Let us know if we helped you to make your mind about purchasing the Realme 3 Pro by commenting below.


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