dark mode on WhatsApp Web

Dark mode on WhatsApp Web: How to enable it

Here is how you can enable dark mode on WhatsApp Web.
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How To Split-Screen Instagram [Or Any App] On Android [Without Root]

Split-screen, without doubt, is one of the most productive features of Android. It was one of the biggest feature additions in Android Nougat. It's been here for three years now. Still,...
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18 Google Chrome Flags To Enable For A Better Browsing Experience

Chrome is one of the most widely used browsers in the world. Still, only a few people know about the amazing experimental features hidden in this browser. These features might be...
ways to Boost your Processing Speed

Slow PC? Here Are Some Ways To Boost Your Processing Speed

Every PC gets slow over time and it is very easy to get back the old speed. The causes of slow processing speed are caches, app residue and other...
how to make money online through blogging

How To Make Money Online Through Blogging?

Whether you are a professional or a student, who doesn’t like secondary/passive income? Of course, you do. So how exactly can you make money in your free time? By...
Windows 10 Activation Cracks

Looking For Windows 10 Activation Cracks? Read This

Microsoft's latest windows i.e. Windows 10 that was holding 39.22 % of OS market share ( as of Dec 2018's stats) is surely the most used OS in the...