Best Offline Android Games

Of course, online games like PubG & Fortnite are fun, but what if you don’t have or want any active Internet Connection? We have a list of 10 best offline android games for you that will never get you bored. In the time when most of the games are getting online to offer multiplayer functionality, there are still some offline games that can really thrill you with their amazing graphics and storyline.

Offline games have their own advantages like you don’t have to wait for your friends to get online so that you both can play together, All you need is to just tap the game Icon and start playing. We have already seen some brilliant offline games such as Angry birds and Leo’s Journey in the past and believe me, these games are not less than those masterpieces.

Here’s Our List Of
Best Offline Android Games 

1. Alto’s Odyssey

best adventure game for android phones

Genre: Adventure

Alto’s Odyssey is the subsequent version of the game Alto’s Adventure. Alto’s Odyssey was launched on 26, July 2018. Eye-catching Graphics merged with a fantastic storyline. Undoubtedly Alto’s Odyssey is the best adventure game for Android phone users.
The IOS version of the game is paid but the developers have decided to keep the Android version free but you’ll have to deal with some ads.

Try the Game Now, click the link below to get it.


2. Asphalt 9: Legends

best racing game for android

Genre: Racing

Asphalt is ruling the racing genre since it was launched and is often titled as The Best Racing Game for smartphones. Every next version of the game comes with more beautiful graphics and new stunning car designs. Asphalt 9 is a 1.5 GB game and it the successor of Asphalt: Airborne. Enhanced 3D visuals, new touch-drive feature and some minor tweaks differ it from its previous version.

Haven’t played it yet? Download now and get lost in its amazing graphics.


3. Criticals Ops

best action game for android

Genre: Action

If you are a fan of combat games Critical Ops will definitely thrill you with its fight scenes. The game is having a 16+ content rating and can be claimed as the best free combat game available on play store. Fabulous graphics, customizable weapons, and Best fast-paced FPS shooting mode can be listed as its top features.

Being an old game (was launched on 14 August 2015 ) Critical Ops is still beating each new coming Combat game continuously for 4 years.

Time to begin the war against terrorism, Download the game.


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4. Duet

best arcade game for android

Genre: Arcade

As the game description says “Keep Calm and Avoid Everything”, this game is all about keeping yourself calm and avoiding the obstacles coming in your path. Duet is a difficult game if it is difficult for you to keep calm. Duet keeps you engaged and you can’t afford to lose your attention if you want to win the game and, believe me, the kind of satisfaction you get after finishing the game is incredible.

Graphics and Sound effects are great, especially the soundtrack from composer Tim Shiel. The music and the obstacles, when combined surely raises the heartbeats of the player. I can say this game is kind of addictive and you won’t be able to quit it soon if you too don’t like losing.

This game is a must try, get it here!


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5. Aqueducts

best puzzle game for android

Genre: Puzzle

All you have to do is transporting the water from point A to point B by solving the puzzle. There are 10 levels and 9 different worlds available. Aqueduct is a beautifully designed game that encourages you to complete all the levels available. The best thing is that the developers have decided to keep this game free even though it deserves a price to be charged. Undoubtedly Aqueduct is the best free puzzle game ever made.

Download this game before the developers change their mind.


6. Another Eden

best offline action games for android

Genre: Role Playing

Another Eden has an interesting story and is even awarded as the “Best of 2017” creativity game in Japan. Although the game possesses a 2d approach, the graphics are spectacular. The graphics are flawless and sometimes feel like you are running a video. The main storyline has 26 chapters and the developers are committed to constantly update the content.

Get the game here!



10 Best Offline Android Games: April 2019

Genre: Action

A hardcore action game filled with fighting & close combat scenes. This game definitely deserves a place in our list of 10 best offline android games. Shadow Legend is a sci-fi action game where you have to fight with robots using your high-tech weapons. MADFINGER Games have promised to provide a long term update support to this game.

Download the games using the link below


8. FIFA Soccer

best sports game for android

Genre: Sports

Here’s EA Sports’ best game ever made Fifa Soccer. As the name suggests Fifa Soccer is a football game. The graphics look real, and whole UI/UX including all the characters have great detailing. A must-have game for sports lovers. The download size of the game is 96.8MB.

Download it from the link below sport fans


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9. Sky Force Reloaded

offline mobile games

Genre: Arcade

Sky Force Reloaded it was released last year on 1st Feb. Sky Force Reloaded it the successor of Sky Force. As soon as you load the game you’ll get stunned with the action. The aim of the game is to take down the boss character. Winning the game is not easy even after having upgraded weapons and this can your reason to play this game if you like difficult games.

Click the link and get it!


10. Carmageddon

best offline android games- carmageddon

Genre: Action

This game has literally no rules. Carmageddon is a racing game filled with action and while playing this game you’ll definitely remember the GTA series. There will be only bloodshed, violence, and hardcore racing fun during the game. Carmageddon is a crazy game, it is a violent game and is not for a person who doesn’t like seeing blood and unethical behavior.

And if you like being crazy download it and feel the thrill, get it here!



These were the 10 Best Offline Games for Android Phones, go and try out these awesome games. If you are like me and you too don’t like spending too much time online then would have surely found these games Amazingly Awesome.

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Tell us which is the best offline android game according to you? Did we miss any great game? Also, let us know if you want us to write about the best paid mobile games.


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