Netflix offers a large variety of movies and series via its’s streaming platform so you can find genres like horror, sci-fi, adventure, comedy, romance, thriller, and so on. But searching for what to watch can be a challenging task sometimes.

Since there are plenty of happy and fun movies on Netflix, we have curated a bunch of films just for you to watch and enjoy while you are sitting idle at home. So, start your day with one of these Netflix movies.

How It Ends

Netflix movies to watch during quarantine

Genre– Action, Adventure IMDb– 5.0/10

How it ends, released in 2018, is directed by David.M Rosenthal. It is an action film based on the struggles of a man to reach his pregnant fiance who is thousand of miles away.

The story is about an interrupted call as a sign of apocalyptic event which makes him realize that his fiance is in danger, and starts his journey for her search along with his father-in-law.

Operation Finale

Netflix movies to watch during quarantine

Genre– suspenseful, cerebral IMDb-6.6/10

Fifteen years after world war II, a team of Israeli agents goes to Argentina in search of notorious Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann, who took the lives of millions of Jews in concentration camps.

The Israeli agent works too hard to catch the infamous war criminal as they want him to sneak him out of the nation to stand trial. It is one of the best Netflix movies to watch during the quarantine.


Netflix movies to watch during quarantine

Genre– Horror, Psychological IMDb- 6.9/10

This film is about a biologist whose husband has gone missing in a mysterious region that the government has sealed so she joins a secret mission to uncover what happened to him.

Annihilation is a sci-fi horror film based on the novel of the same name, directed by Alex Garland. The story follows a group of researchers who enter an isolated zone where the alien presence has bought some strange plants and animals.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

Best quarantine netflix movie

Genre– Romance, Drama, Comedy IMDb– 7.2/10

It’s an American teen romance film where a girl, Lara Jean writes love letters to her five intense crushes. She had no plans of posting those letters but her life takes a turn when all the five boys receive the letters. It’s a must-watch for all the teenagers out there sitting idle in this quarantine.

It is one of the best out of all the teenage rom-com movies available on Netflix. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before is a charming and fun rom-com movie directed by Susan Johnson and written by Sofia Alvarez.


Best quarantine netflix movie

Genre- Crime, Comedy IMDb- 6.4/10

It is the sequel of the film, also named as Shaft which was earlier released in the year 2000. It is a story about a man named JJ, aka John Shaft who is a cybersecurity expert. But to find the truth behind his best friend’s untimely death he needs the education that only his father can provide.

Missing all through JJ’s childhood, the incredibly all set John shaft prepares his offspring to explore Harlem’s heroin-swarmed underbelly. Also, keeping in mind that his own FBI’s examiner’s identification may clash with his dad’s trademark cowhide coat, there’s no denying family.

Now Shaft has his very own plan, and a score to settle that is proficient and individual.

Tall Girl

Netflix movies to watch during quarantine

Genre– Teen Romance, Comedy IMDb– 5.2/10

Tall Girl is one of the best Netflix movies to watch during quarantine. It is the story of a girl “Jodi” who is tallest in her high school being 6- foot-1. She always felt uncomfortable in her own skin for being this tall. The drama begins when she falls for a handsome foreign exchange student which got a little messy as she was involved in a love triangle.

After all the slouching, being ridiculed by her fellow school mates and keeping away from considerations no matter what, she finally accepts herself and decides to discover her confidence and stand tall.

Mark Of The Devil

Netflix movies to watch during quarantine

Genre– Scary, Ominous IMDb– 3.2/10

Karl, who suffers from the evil possessions along with Tomas, a priest with addiction problems leaves on a chase for devils. They get to know about Camila who assaults her family under the control of a devil. Karl and Tomas try to save her from the evil spirits facing too many difficulties.


Netflix movies to watch during quarantine

Genre– Suspenseful IMDb– 6.2/10

The story is about a woman named Jen who goes on a romantic holiday with her wealthy boyfriend. The tension starts when two of his shabby friends show up there unannounced.

So the pressure starts building up in the house, the situation intensifies and comes to a point that leaves Jen brutalized and left for dead. Unluckily for her attackers, she survives and makes sure she takes revenge from the three men who betrayed her.

The Last Summer

Netflix movies to watch during quarantine

Genre– Feel good, Romantic IMDb– 5.6/10

A group of friends who have been freshly graduated from high school deal with love and friendship during their last summer break together before taking off to college. It is one of the best Netflix movies to watch during the quarantine.


Best quarantine netflix movie

Genre– Science-fiction, Chilling IMDb- 6.3/10

Spectral is an American military science-fiction action film directed by Nic Mathieu. This movie revolves around the strange or supernatural creatures and the US forces.

The government deploys the forces to fight against those creatures. Unfortunately, the forces fail and see the creatures throwing some special devices fitted into its helmet that was developed by an American engineer.

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